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Sacarin Listening, Movement and Development Center
Neuro-Cognitive Growth for Children and Adults

Sacarin Center

Phone: (206) 522-8873
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5901 Roosevelt Way NE,
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Seattle, WA 98105

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Bellevue, WA 98004

"To be capable, successful and fulfilled in life at every age we depend on good listening and well-controlled body movement skills from very early throughout our lives." Liliana Sacarin, MS, RC

Here at the Sacarin Listening, Movement and Development Center we help children and adults of all ages undergo positive transformations and overcome troublesome problems. Other clients approach us to help enhance their personal and professional potential. The individualized programs we create at the Center include the following drug-free techniques:


Tomatis-Effect Listening Education ProgramsÖ


Sensory-Motor Education«


Psycho-Motor Integration«


Neuro-Cognitive Development and Learning Strategies Consulting


School and Parenting Consulting


Workshops for Educators and Parents - with focus on cognitive, sensory-integration and social development 

These techniques are incorporated in a unique sequence and efficient manner to help children and adults develop their abilities to acquire a wide range of new learning patterns in school and life. 

For many years we have worked with and helped children and adults with a diverse set of problems:

bulletAttention, Focus and Concentration Problems (Commonly labeled as ADD, Hyperactivity, etc.)
bulletSensory Processing and Motor Development Challenges (Poor movement and in-time coordination, poor sense of balance and rhythm, extreme reaction to certain sounds or touch, etc.)
bulletCommunication and Social Development Difficulties (Difficulty with social interaction, when working in groups, or in adoption cases)
bulletAcademic Challenges (Poor reading, writing or other academic skills)
bulletDevelopmental Delays (PDD, Autism, Mutism, etc.)
bulletNeurological Problems and Genetic Syndromes (Cerebral Palsy, strokes, Down Syndrome, etc.)
bulletEmotional Disquiet (Stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and energy levels)

Children and adults of all ages who desire to enhance their existing abilities and reach their full potential also approach us to profit from our services.

bulletLearning foreign languages (Auditory memory, pronunciation, and improved fluency)
bulletExpand personal listening, communication and learning strategies (Better work in teams, better self- and social-awareness, and refined listening and interaction skills)
bulletDevelop voice and body control in professional vocal expression (Lawyers, public speakers, singers and actors)
bulletDevelop better movement control in high-performance sports (Athletes, ice skaters, gymnasts, etc.)
bulletIncrease energy and creativity levels (Dynamizing programs)

We invite you to contact us or schedule a visit to learn more about our programs and how we can help.

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The Sacarin Center is directed by Liliana Sacarin, MS, RC. Ms. Sacarin received her Masters degree from the University of Hamburg in Germany. She has over eighteen years experience in assessing children's developmental levels using intelligence, motor and psycholinguistics tests, and helping children with challenges such as autism, PDD, ADD, dyspraxia, sensory motor disorders, etc. Ms. Sacarin also conducts regular training seminars on Psycho-Motor Integration« and neuro-cognitive development for educators physicians and therapists . Her work with adults includes perfecting listening and communication potential, and supporting change and wellness . Her certification and extensive training in the Tomatis method was under the direction of and by Dr. Alfred Tomatis in Germany and France. She received her certification in Sensory Motor Integration with Inge Flehmig, MD, PhD (child neurologist) in Germany.

Copyright (c) 1999- 2001 by Liliana Sacarin


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