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Gabriele Soll

34 Ronald Court
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Phone: 201-204-0960
E-mail: info@mozartbrainworks.com
Website: www.mozartbrainworks.com


Achieve your full potential!


Welcome to Mozart Brain Works. This page will show you how Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP) can help you achieve your full potential!

In 1953 the late professor Alfred Tomatis was able to put down a number of laws on which the discipline of Audio-Psycho-Phonology is based. These laws are known as the “Tomatis-Effect”, a set of three laws that identified a voice-ear-brain connection and which explain why the “way we listen” has a profound impact on almost all aspects of our being. Around the world thousands of people have experienced the benefits of this wonderful program that has helped them reach their full potential.

APP can help you reach your full potential if you are struggling with or would like to improve:




Autism Spectrum Disorders


Developmental Delays


Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia


Speech and Language Difficulties


Voice Quality and Musical Ability


Auditory Processing Problems


Stroke/Mild Brain Injury


Down Syndrome; Cerebral Palsy


Stress, Anxiety and Mild Depression


Memory, Organization, Concentration


Learning of Foreign Languages

Mozart Brain Works was founded by Gabriele Soll. She obtained her APP certification after intensive training at the Mozart Brain Lab Center in Sint Truiden, Belgium, under Jozef Vervoort.

Gabriele is a mother of four, including two special needs children. Her oldest child was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age 4 and soon after her second child was classified as ADHD by his school. For both boys APP was the only treatment they received apart from the special services at their public school and for both of them it was a tremendous success. The results were so life-changing for the entire family that Gabriele decided to give up her former carrier and become certified in APP so she could help others to achieve their full potential as well! Today both of her boys are good students in mainstream classrooms. Her older son’s autism is not severe and the younger son’s ADHD classification has been dropped. They both continue the listening training on a regular basis to insure their continued academic and emotional growth.

Because of the tremendous success of APP in her sons and after learning more about APP during her training for the certification, Gabriele did APP sessions during her pregnancies with her two daughters. As clinical studies in France about the so called “Tomatis babies” had shown, this had great effects on the quality of her pregnancies and deliveries as well as on the development of the babies. You can read in more detail about this on Gabriele’s website, www.mozartbrainworks.com (under construction).

Having moved to the U.S. in 1999 from Germany, help with the learning of foreign languages is another area in which Gabriele has experienced APP’s effectiveness for herself and in her bilingual children. Many of her clients have improved their pronunciation, fluency and auditory memory of foreign languages. Language immersion and active programs are offered for English, Spanish, German and French. Other languages are available upon request.

Mozart Brain Works is located in Gabriele’s home in Ramsey, New Jersey, under 1 hour away from NYC and easily accessible by car and public transport. Mozart Brain Works has a private, informal atmosphere that is very relaxing and beneficial for the listening training. Gabriele usually works one on one with her clients of all ages. Group intensive sessions are planned starting in 2009.

At your first visit a detailed listening test will be applied, the resulting listening profile will be discussed and your personalized listening program created. The length of your individualized listening program may vary according to individual needs. Your progress will be monitored with additional listening tests and your listening program updated in certain intervals.

One listening session is 1 ½ hours long. During the passive phase of the training it consists of three different pieces of gated and filtered music by Mozart or Gregorian Chants. Especially in the listening program of many children the recorded and filtered mother’s voice also plays an important role.

Once you start the active phase of the program you will additionally talk, sing or read into a microphone while listening to yourself through headphones.

While you listen you can engage in many quiet activities such as drawing, playing with toys, doing crafts or needlework, scrap-booking and many more.

Mothers are encouraged to listen with their children. When listening with their children, mothers listen for free to their own individualized programs.

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